Coming out of high school as a 5-star quarterback, Alabama freshman Bryce Young’s weight was a concern.

Yes, he was a dynamic high school player and dual-threat athlete, but could his body hold up in the SEC? Well, now he’s put on 20 pounds of muscle and seems ready for his freshman year.

His high school QB coach, Taylor Kelly, spoke with 247Sports and said he thinks Young looks ready to take the next step:

“He’s ready, mentally and physically,” Kelly said. “The biggest thing for him is just going to be getting a real feel of the speed of the front seven at the collegiate level, and that just takes reps. He’s played against top talent in high school the last two years, and he’s played extremely well. But it’s just a little different with somebody who’s been doing it for 3-4 years, and you’ve got a bunch of those guys on the field. Just to get a feel for all that, I think that’s the one thing that’s going to challenge him a little bit.

“From a mental standpoint, he’s more than ready, as far as understanding the plays and the coverages and the fronts and applying those plays out on the field in practices. All that stuff, he’s really, really good at and prepared for. I think the biggest thing is just the timing with some of the guys and then getting a feel for the speed of the front seven guys at that next level.”

Here’s a look at Young during some recent work he was doing on a field:

Will he get many reps in 2020 for the Crimson Tide? We’ll see what the plan is for him soon enough.