Tua Tagovailoa has largely dismissed the possible impact of snow on Saturday’s game between his Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. Tagovailoa has reminded reporters that it also snows in Alabama, and he’s thrown a football in the snow with his brother in Maryland.

Updated projections suggest that Lake Effect snow is expected to be between 15 inches and 22 inches on Saturday, according to Patrick Hammer of WGRZ. Hammer discussed the impact with Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. Winds are expected to be at least 12 m.p.h. to 15 m.p.h.

“I know the transition Tua is in for,” Hammer said. “I suggest layers if possible. Whereas we know he’s played in Buffalo cold before, Saturday will be a totally different animal.”

Schad also noted that Tagovailoa and coach Mike McDaniel were each asked at least 5 questions about the cold and snow this week.

McDaniel replied, “I think that’s something that you have to be real and upfront that, ‘hey, it’s going to be cold,’ but it’s also something that no one cares. The box score doesn’t read, ‘asterisk, it was cold.’ So it is what it is.”