For a short time, the much anticipated Alabama-LSU game was in jeopardy. But now it’s set to be played this week following a schedule shuffle across the SEC.

Alabama players, for their part are excited about the idea of playing and no doubt getting some revenge from 2019.

“I’m excited. I can’t wait. Just can’t wait,” said defensive lineman Phidarian Mathis, who is from Louisiana, about returning to his home state, per “Y’all see when we get there. Gotta prepare for them well.”

He’s not the only one from Louisiana. Sophomore Christian Harris is a native of Baton Rouge.

“We’re pretty excited,” Harris said Saturday. “It’s a great opportunity. Especially, being that it’s gonna be like my first time being able to play in the LSU stadium. It’s really exciting. They got some good ol’ food down there, of course. But yeah, we’re gonna handle our business this week and go in and try to execute.”

The interesting dynamic about this game is it typically comes following a bye week, and certainly not after the Iron Bowl, traditionally the final game of the regular season. Arkansas may also come later on the schedule as it’s the only remaining opponent on the schedule the Crimson Tide have not met this season.

“This would normally be the 12th game of the season, a’ight?” coach Nick Saban said. “We’re still gonna have two games left, and if we’re fortunate enough to have success in those games, a third game in the SEC championship and maybe more after that. So I think we really got to try to take care of our team a little bit in terms of how we practice and how they recover and how we move forward with our team.”