Although the game was a blowout, the UT/Alabama affair provided some interesting drama towards the conclusion of the contest.

Once Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough scampered 85 yards for a touchdown, it appeared as if he taunted a Tennessee student with a high-five attempt.

The scene drew national attention — and included an interview with the fan in question.

While we don’t know for certain whether the ‘high-five’ was an attempt or a taunt, CBS broadcaster Verne Lundquist (who was calling the game) voiced his opinion on the incident — whilst speaking to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham, Ala. on Monday (per

“I wasn’t fond of it. It was interesting to me because we both kind of took after him. It’s so unnecessary.I woke up and saw the interview with [the fan]. He was thrilled. I don’t know if I’d be thrilled if I got a gloved hand in my face.┬áThe kid thought he was trying to high-five him. OK, I’ll take the young man’s version for now. I just thought it was uncalled for. Gary’s speculation right away was that he had an “A” on his glove and he gave him a high-five.┬áThe kid’s hands were down here (pointing down), so high-fiving his nose, I guess.”

Do you agree with Lundquist? Was Scarbrough taunting the fan, or was it a sincere gesture?