One of the biggest questions heading into Tuesday night’s College Football Playoff selection committee was where Alabama would be ranked after Tua Tagovailoa’s season-ending injury. The Crimson Tide still managed a lopsided (38-7) win over Mississippi State after Tagovailoa’s first-half exit, but many wondered if the Crimson Tide with Mac Jones at QB would lead to a new assessment from the committee.

Selection committee chair Rob Mullens answered questions about how Tagovailoa’s injury was handled on ESPN’s broadcast of the rankings reveal:

Q: How is Alabama evaluated now without Tagovailoa?

Rob Mullens: “Our job is to evaluate the games through Week 12 and we’re aware of the injury to the quarterback late in the second quarter of last week’s game. But Alabama had a convincing win, and it didn’t impact Alabama’s ranking this week.”

Q: How did it impact the discussion in the room about Alabama?

RM: “It was certainly a part of the discussion. We’re aware of how the games unfold, and we’re aware of key injuries to players in the game. But, again, for this week we noticed that Alabama still carried on to a convincing win.”

Q: How much support did Alabama lose during the discussion?

RM: “Well, there’s a lot of discussion in No. 4 through No. 6 obviously when you’re looking at those teams. Georgia added to their resume with an impressive win at Auburn. Oregon went on with an easy win against Arizona. So, there’s a lot of debate and a lot of discussion among all of those teams.”

Jones’ performance against Western Carolina is unlikely to change the discussion, but all eyes are on the Iron Bowl.