The College Football Playoff selection committee soured on Alabama. The Crimson Tide went into Week 14 ranked No. 5, in position to potentially make the final four after conference championship weekend. On Tuesday, UA found itself at No. 12 in the new rankings after the 48-45 loss to Auburn.

The seven-spot drop was arguably the biggest story of the night, so it’s no surprise that committee chair Rob Mullens was asked about it in the post-reveal media teleconference. He pointed to a lack of impressive wins as the reason for Alabama’s plummet (per the official transcript):

Q. Can you kind of go into the discussion surrounding Alabama’s drop seven spots. Was it as simple as the head-to-head with Auburn, that they were the top three-loss team ahead of a couple two-loss teams?
ROB MULLENS: Head-to-head is certainly a key part of it. It also matters what happens around you.

Alabama, their only two losses are to a No. 2 and a No. 11 team. However, they only have two wins over Power 5 teams with winning records, both Texas A&M and Tennessee, who are 7-5.

When you look at Auburn, obviously they have the head-to-head. They also beat the No. 13 team. Close losses to No. 2 and No. 4.

Specifically when you look at those two, the head-to-head probably did carry the day at the end of the day.

Sunday’s final rankings will ultimately decide where the Tide go bowling, but a New Year’s Six bowl game is looking unlikely at this point.