The biggest mouth in the world of sports interviewed arguably the most successful college coach of all time recently as former NBA star Charles Barkley met up with Alabama head coach Nick Saban just prior to the start of Alabama’s fall camp.

The interview was an exclusive video that featured Barkley getting the normally stoic Saban to drop his guard and answer several light-hearted questions. Aside from all the golf comments, Barkley thanked Saban for giving so many of his black players a much needed second chance.

After Barkley thanked Alabama’s head coach, he asked him why he feels the need to give kids a second chance. Here was the coach’s answer:

“Well I think, as a coach, when it comes to football players, we are trying to change their behavior, make them better. As people, we are trying to change their behavior to make them better,” Saban said. “And I think that everyone can understand if they have children of their own, how your children sometimes disappoint you. They do things that you wish they didn’t do that embarrass you, but we don’t throw them out of the house. We try to come up with ways we can change their behavior. So that’s where I focus on the guys.”


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Barkley steered clear of asking any other football related questions but did ask about Saban’s notorious basketball games with his coaching staff.