Even though there’s a lot of talent at a place like Alabama, NFL scouts are looking for how quarterback prospects use that talent. For NBC analyst Chris Simms, he sees a clear distinction between Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa.

During an appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show,” Simms discussed that it’s just now that NFL teams can dive into draft analysis because they’ve also had to evaluate their own team and pending free agency. Now we’re getting to the point where NFL media are talking to organizations about college prospects and mock drafts are increasingly becoming more accurate as the NFL Draft approaches. Still, Simms has reached an early conclusion.

“Mac Jones is a better prospect than Tua (Tagovailoa),” Simms said. “Mac Jones is going to go in the Top 10, from just what I’ve seen right now. I’d be shocked, I think there’s going to be four (quarterbacks) in the Top 8, just a base comment right now. … This Mac Jones guy, all he does is throw spirals, perfect throws, NFL-type throws. He can change his arm angle and do those type of things.”

Simms recalled that he wasn’t a big Tagovailoa promoter a year ago, and instead liked Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert better.

“I think it comes down to what was available, did he take advantage of all that was there to be had,” Simms said about the talent at Alabama. “… When there’s nothing there to be had, what happens. Then, can I see NFL-type throws that I think translate from college to the NFL. That was my hesitation with Tua last year. But I saw enough just in the little clips I’ve seen, and just TV scouting during the year, where pocket’s collapsing, things aren’t perfect and he can still make a high level throw, that I went, ‘Oh, I like that about him.'”

Simms also said that Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith were better receivers at Alabama than Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs.