The biggest question that has left to be answered before Monday’s national championship game is exactly what Clemson is going to do with that dangerous front seven. Michigan State, a team with a strong offensive line on its own, certainly thought it had an answer.

And, well, the Spartans did not.

The Tigers have a mobile quarterback in DeShaun Watson which allows for some different challenges than what Connor Cook provided as a more traditional pocket passer. The offensive line for Clemson is no less concerned about dealing with the front seven for Alabama.

Games are won on the line of scrimmage and that puts the pressure squarely on Clemson to handle this strong defensive front seven.

It is a challenge Clemson is welcoming and not taking lightly, as guard Eric Mac Lain told Bama Online.

“They’re monsters,” Mac Lain said Saturday at Clemson’s media day in Phoenix. “I’ve been saying that all week. They have a great front seven and they do a lot of stuff with their blitz game, obviously having 50 sacks on the season. It’s going to be a huge challenge for us, but we’re ready for it.”

We will see just how ready for Alabama that Clemson offensive line is in a little more than 24 hours.