Cole Cubelic took a deep dive into the possible candidates for Alabama’s next offensive coordinator, and the SEC Network analyst and WJOX co-host pegged Jeff Lebby of Oklahoma as the favorite.

“I think that’s probably the top of the list,” Cubelic said, and added that former Baltimore Ravens OC Greg Roman is in the mix along with former Tulane OC Jim Svoboda. “… Now with Bill O’Brien out, the question is how far out of I guess Coach Saban’s wheelhouse with how his offense is run, we’re going to talk about that in a second, does he really want to go.”

Cubelic said he puts Lebby in the elite class of offensive coordinators, along with such names as Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian and Kendal Briles.

“But keep in mind, Lebby has only run his offense,” Cubelic said. “And his offense is very different from what Coach Saban has run, and wants to run. If you don’t think it really works that way, I can tell you we sat down with Lane Kiffin and we talked about him being Saban’s offensive coordinator and he went through the entire process of ‘My verbiage changed, things like formations and play calls changed, this is Nick’s offense, I just run it my way.’ Steve Sarkisian told us the exact same thing.”

Cubelic added that O’Brien described it as one of the biggest challenges of his coaching career, and the transition took longer than he thought it would.

Lebby would be wide receivers sideline to sideline, up tempo more often than anybody Cubelic believes has been on Saban’s staff.

“Lane was going fast when he got there, but Lebby is the next evolution of that,” Cubelic said. “That’s why Lebby wanted to work with Lebby.”