Inside of 4 months before the start of college football season, talking season has opened with the topic of the No. 1-ranked team in the land.

The consensus appears to be Alabama in that slot, but SEC Network sideline reporter and WJOX co-host Cole Cubelic sees another team at the top.

“If I’m voting today and if I had a vote, and I don’t, Ohio State would be my No. 1 team going into the season,” Cubelic said on “Another Dooley Noted Podcast.” ” I think the have an all-world tailback, I think they have multiple all-world receivers, and I think they have arguably, neck and neck, best quarterback in college football. Nothing against Bryce Young, he deserves to be mentioned as the best because he won the Heisman (Trophy) and he’s returning. C.J. Stroud’s pretty special, too.”

Cubelic said he’s a little worried about the Ohio State defense, but hasn’t seen a defense win a championship much in the last few years.

“You could say Georgia, but Georgia put up a lot of offense in that game as well,” he said. “… I think Ohio State’s got the most powerful offense, and I think they have the biggest collection of elite players. The offensive line should be solid. I don’t know if they’ll be great. And they’ve got a couple defensive linemen, edge defenders that are kind of coming on, that could help.”