In the days following Alabama’s loss to LSU on Saturday, there is a growing sentiment that Alabama coach Nick Saban could consider retirement soon. Some national conversation has centered on the Crimson Tide not playing well in the their last two games against elite teams like Clemson and LSU.

Now FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd has listed seven reasons why Saban could consider retirement.

“I think Nick Saban does think about retirement now, and I think he is closer to it than anybody in the media would acknowledge,” Cowherd said. “No. 1 is his age, he’s 68. When you’re 68, all you can think about is the 7. When you’re 62, all you see is the 6. Big difference in American with how you’re viewed at 60 and then at 70.”

Cowherd also calls QB Tua Tagovailoa “easily the best quarterback Saban has ever had.”

Cowherd also said his network and others have “lined up” seven figure TV deals for Saban.

Here’s the rest of the list and Cowherd’s entire segment:

1. Age.
2. The transfer portal.
3. The early signing period.
4. Tua Tagovailoa is leaving.
5. A TV job that could pay him seven figures.
6. College football is more offensive minded.
7. Staff turnover with assistants leaving.