Alabama is far from a team being talked about in the College Football Playoff picture as The Crimson Tide sit at No. 7 in the latest edition of the rankings.

But there is still a scenario, however unlikely it may seem, that 2-loss Alabama finds a way into the postseason mix. College football analyst Colin Cowherd recently weighed in on how he thought that type of a “nightmare scenario” could play out.

“Nobody wanted to mention the elephant in the room,” Cowherd said. “Bama can still get in. Why not? Two close loss. Both against good teams. Both on the road. Both at the buzzer. They’d be favored over every single team above them except Georgia and maybe Ohio State. But I think they’d be favored over Ohio State on a neutral field.”

Depending on how the season finales play out for each of the teams still in the race, Cowherd sees a possibility for the final four standing to be Georgia, Ohio State, TCU and Alabama:

Two particular matchups to watch moving in regard to the final rankings will be Michigan at Ohio State on Saturday and Georgia vs. LSU in the SEC title game on Dec. 3.