Colin Cowherd took a turn at explaining why Mac Jones may be uncomfortable in New England as the former Alabama quarterback is dealing with staff turnover with the Patriots.

Cowherd cited a report from Mike Giardi of the NFL Network, who said Jones appeared to be uncomfortable so far in training camp. Mike Reiss, an ESPN reporter who covers the Patriots, also reported that the Patriots have struggled in camp, Cowherd noted.

The problem for Cowherd is the Patriots have struggled in offensive categories for several years, primarily regarding wide receivers.

“This organization, in an offensive pivoting league has no playmakers… Why would Mac Jones be comfortable?” Cowherd said. “There are limitations to what he can do, so what he needs are support and help like (Joe) Burrow is getting in Cincinnati.”

Cowherd pointed out that Jones is in Year 2 of a really difficult job, and he’s getting less support and it’s “boss-by-committee.”

“To me, that just smacks of arrogance, in that we’re just smarter than everybody else,” Cowherd said.

Unlike Tom Brady, Jones doesn’t have a lot of leverage, isn’t a strong voice in the room, and is left with all this uncertainty, Cowherd said.