Stop the presses. Colin Cowherd is hating on Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Stop the presses again. Cowherd complimented the SEC.

The FOX Sports radio host is continuing with the narrative that Saban sucks his running backs dry in Tuscaloosa before they turn pro. He clearly doesn’t like the Tennessee Titans’ decision to select the Heisman Trophy winner with the No. 45 overall pick in the second round of last week’s NFL draft.

Here he is explaining his point, and he starts off by comparing a running back’s workload to that of a pitcher’s.

Not sure where Cowherd got his “45 carries a game” statistic that he mentioned at the 1:12 mark. While Henry did carry it 46 times against Auburn and 44 times against Florida, Henry averaged 26.3 totes a game last season.

In his three-year career with the Crimson Tide, Henry had 602 rushes in 40 games played for an average of 15.1 per game. Obviously the workload increased in his junior year, but any future failures or injuries to Henry — who declared early — can’t be attributed to Saban based on that average.

Plus, the Titans signed RB DeMarco Murray in the offseason and assured him that he’d be the No. 1 back in Nashville, so there won’t be any heavy lifting for Henry at the next level.

However, let’s all give Cowherd some credit for saying “they play real defense in the SEC” because we all know they don’t over there in the Pac-12.