With college football’s regular season winding down, focus from sports commentators have mostly shifted to the upcoming College Football Playoff.

Dan Patrick is no different as the popular radio host recently had Paul Finebaum on his program and asked the ESPN and SEC Network host to share his latest College Football Playoff predictions.

“I’d say it’s Alabama,” Finebaum answered. “I think Clemson will beat Notre Dame (in the upcoming ACC Championship Game), so Clemson get in there, I think Notre Dame will still get in there and it will be Ohio State. Just like we ordered it before the season.”

Of course, before we can get to the Playoff, the 2020 SEC Championship Game has to be played next weekend in Atlanta.

Going in reverse order, Patrick then asked Finebaum if Florida has a chance to beat Alabama next weekend.

“I think it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances and I don’t see that happening,” Finebaum said on the show. “Right now, Alabama looks unbeatable to me. They are so potent on offense and the biggest change is on defense. After the Ole Miss game two months ago, they were ready to fire the defensive coordinator. It looked like Saban was too. And they have shored up and gotten extremely stingy.”

The way Finebaum sees it, Alabama’s defense has come along just in time to pair up with arguably the nation’s best offense.

“And on top of that, it’s an embarrassment of riches on the offensive side,” he added. “Alabama has three guys you could make a compelling case to win the Heisman Trophy in Devonta Smith, the wide receiver, Najee Harris, who might as well be in the witness protection program, you don’t really hear about him that often — he may be the best running back in the country — and, obviously, Mac Jones who is a co-favorite with Kyle Trask to win the whole thing.”