Mike Bobo hates breaking down film of Alabama.

“It’s pretty scary. It really is scary when you turn on the tape and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to move the ball offensively, how you’re going to stop them defensively,” Bobo, Colorado State’s coach, said in an interview with Birmingham, Alabama-based WJOX-FM. “They’ve got this receiver that makes big play after big play (Calvin Ridley) and then they’ve got these huge running backs. You’re afraid if they give it to them 40 times a game, you might not have a team left. And then they’ve got this quarterback (Jalen Hurts), when he drops back to pass, do you cover him? Do you try to double (cover) Ridley? And then (Hurts) runs.”

So do the Crimson Tide have any weaknesses?

Bobo laughed before responding.

“I think you just go and you look at, they beat Southern Cal, who ended up a top five-team in the country, 52-3 (last season),” Bobo said. “They beat the SEC East champion (Florida) 54-16. They beat Mississippi State, I think, 51-3. Tennessee, who had lots of players on offense, 49-10. And then you find Clemson, you’ve got Deshaun Watson making play after play and then Mike Williams and the tight end just made unbelievable plays.”

Bobo pointed to the disparity in plays in last season’s national title game, which helped Clemson wear down Alabama’s defense. He’s not sure that the Rams will be able to do that Saturday when they enter Bryant-Denny Stadium for a 7 p.m. ET kickoff. But they’ll try their best.

“You try to find a play here or there that works against them,” Bobo said. “At the end of the day we’re focusing on us and making sure we know the plan really, really well and (are) really confident in our plan so we can play aggressive and play fast. If there’s any hesitation about what we’re trying to do, then we’re not going to have any chance of executing that plan at all.”

A former Georgia quarterback and offensive coordinator, Bobo is in his third season at Colorado State. The Rams have gone 7-6 each of the last two years. And Bobo is excited about the future of the program.

The Rams are in their first season in a new stadium that cost $220 million. They continue to make improvements elsewhere that Bobo believes are crucial to building a consistent winner.

Still, it’s light-years away from what he knew growing up in Thomasville, Georgia, and during his time at Georgia.

“The biggest difference is the day in and day out passion for the sport in SEC country,” Bobo said. “That’s something we’re trying to build here with this new stadium, this new facility, this commitment to athletics that our president has made is to get this passion for college football. We’ve got passionate fans. There’s a lot of tradition here. But there’s a lot of passion for the Denver Broncos out here in Colorado. In the South, it’s SEC football 365 days a year and I’m excited that our players are going to get to experience that and I’m excited that our fan base that’s going to this game are going to get to see what college football is like on a Saturday afternoon.”

Bobo just hopes it turns out better than the last time he went to Tuscaloosa as a player.

That day, quarterback Jay Barker and the Crimson Tide handed the Bulldogs a 29-28 defeat on a last-minute field goal.

“In ’94 I was there watching Jay (Barker) and (Georgia quarterback) Eric (Zeier) go after it. It was a great game. We couldn’t tackle you that night, Jay,” said Bobo, referring to Barker, one of the co-hosts for the interview. “I remember you broke sack after sack and made play after play that night and broke our hearts there in Tuscaloosa.”