There was plenty of material for Alabama superfan FunnyMaine’s latest “How Bama Fans Watched” video this week, including the Crimson Tide’s rout of Kentucky.

In a week where several national title contenders struggled to put away opponents — Ohio State, Cincinnati and Florida for example — Alabama rolled Kentucky by the end of the first half, then coasted to victory.

“Yes, y’all can have all that bad field goal mojo,” FunnyMaine said as the Alabama reputation of shoddy field goal play spilled over to Kentucky on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. “… I told you, all of it, y’all can have it, it’s all yours.”

Of course the difficult game for any Alabama fan is the “too much orange” contest between Auburn and Tennessee.

DeVonta Smith and Najee Harris had big games, and FunnyMaine openly lobbied for Harris to suit up for the New Orleans Saints in the coming years.

Next week, the Crimson Tide will meet Auburn in the Iron Bowl, and the biggest twist to that one is that it’s not the last game of the season this year, something FunnyMaine and many SEC fans are still getting used to during this different year.

“But an Iron Bowl is an Iron Bowl,” he said.