Brian Kelly’s suddenly new Southern accent got a lot of attention this week, and comedian Joey Mulinaro joined in on the fun with a parody of a phone conversation between Saban and the new LSU coach.

Mulinaro’s Saban congratulated Kelly.

Mulinaro’s Kelly replied, “My word, is this the Alabama Slammer himself to whom I am speaking with?”

Saban confirmed.

Kelly replied, “We consider my flying a kite in the middle of a thunderstorm on a hot July day because I am shocked. … When the phone rang, it tickled my interest, but now coach, you have my attention.”

Mulinaro’s Saban said he wanted to congratulate Kelly on the new job, welcome him to the SEC, and he looks forward to competing with Kelly.

Saban questioned Kelly’s accent, and the new LSU coach replied that he couldn’t help this Southern hospitality, and it just “oozes on to you like spreading butter over a hot roll on a muggy Louisiana summer day.”

Saban replied, “Brian, you’ve been there for a day.”

Here’s the entire exchange: