KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — When Amari Cooper was approaching reporters after having yet another top-notch performance, a University of Alabama media representative reminded him that the record he just set used to belong to Julio Jones.

The staffer then mistakenly introduced Cooper as “Julio Jones,” which even made Cooper laugh.

With 224 yards on nine receptions Cooper set the Crimson Tide’s single-game receiving yards record during Alabama’s 34-20 victory on Saturday night. The last time a Tennessee opponent had 150 yards receiving was also Cooper in 2012 (giving him a career average of 187 yards at Neyland Stadium).

“It felt great out there,” Cooper said. “I love playing in this stadium.”

So did Jones. He had 221 yards here on Oct. 23, 2010. Alabama fans also well remember that it was right after Jones sustained a hand fracture at South Carolina.

“I’m kind of thinking about Julio, that he’s a tough guy,” Cooper said after being told that part.

Alabama’s single-game receiving yards
224 Amari Cooper vs. Tennessee (9 catches), Oct. 25, 2014
221 Julio Jones at Tennessee (12 catches), Oct. 23, 2010
217 David Palmer at Vanderbilt (8 catches), Sept. 11, 1993
201 Amari Cooper vs. Florida (10 catches), Sept. 20, 2014
199 Julio Jones vs. Auburn (10 catches), Nov. 26, 2010

Cooper couldn’t gotten off to a better start when on the first snap senior quarterback Blake Sims ran a play-action bootleg and found the receiver wide open on a crossing route.

“I knew that we were going to run that first play,” Cooper said. “When I ran out I think I saw the linebacker blitz and I knew it would be a big gain, but I didn’t quite know that I would score.”

At halftime he had 194 yards on six catches and two touchdowns, which was already the fifth-most receiving yards in a single game in Crimson Tide history.

With his seventh 100-yard game Cooper blew past the 1,000-yard mark for the fall, and will go into the final month of the regular season with 71 receptions for 1,132 yards. Jones has the single-season records of 78 for 1,133 yards.

His receiving yards total also ranks in the top 25 in Southeastern Conference history.

All-time leading SEC receiving yards, single season
1. Josh Reed, 1740, 2001, Louisiana State
2. Alshon Jeffery*, 1517, 2010, South Carolina
3. Jordan Matthews*, 1477, 2013, Vanderbilt
4. Mike Evans*, 1394, 2013, Texas A&M
5. Travis McGriff, 1357, 1998, Florida
6. Cobi Hamilton, 1335, 2012, Arkansas
7. Carlos Alvarez, 1329, 1969, Florida
8. Jordan Matthews*, 1323, 2012, Vanderbilt
9. Craig Yeast, 1311, 1998, Kentucky
10. Robert Meachem*, 1298, 2006, Tennessee
11. Reidel Anthony, 1293, 1996, Florida
12. Wendell Davis, 1244, 1986, Louisiana State
13. Boo Mitchell, 1213, 1988, Vanderbilt
14. Jarvis Landry*, 1193, 2013, Louisiana State
15. Jabar Gaffney, 1191, 2001, Florida
16. Jabar Gaffney, 1184, 2000, Florida
17. Marcus Nash, 1170, 1997, Tennessee
18. Darrell Jackson, 1156, 1999, Florida
19. Earl Bennett ,1146, 2006, Vanderbilt
20. Sidney Rice*, 1143, 2005, South Carolina
21. Shay Hodge*, 1135, 2009, Mississippi
22. Julio Jones*, 1133, 2010, Alabama
23. Amari Cooper, 1,132, 2014, Alabama
24. Josh Reed, 1127, 2000, Louisiana State
25. Odell Beckham Jr.*, 1117, 2013, Louisiana State
(tie) Jarius Wright*, 1117, 2011, Arkansas
*Bowl games included

Additionally, Cooper continued a recent Alabama tradition as for the eighth time in the last nine meetings with Tennessee the Crimson Tide had a wide receiver top the 100-yard mark.

Alabama’s top receiver vs. Tennessee
Year, Name, Rec.-Yards
2014 Amari Cooper 9-224
2013 Kevin Norwood 6-112
2012 Amari Copper 7-162
2011 Marquis Maze 5-106
2010 Julio Jones 12-221
2009 Julio Jones 7-54
2008 Julio Jones 6-103
2007 DJ Hall 13-185
2006 DJ Hall 7-102
2005 DJ Hall 10-139

“Played great,” Coach Nick Saban said. “The guys is a great player and when he plays fast he’s tough to cover.

“Obviously when you set a record that’s really something significant, but at the same time I think Cooper would be the first guy to tell you his teammates did a really good job.”