Alabama students and Tuscaloosa natives, party at your own risk, because the local authorities have set out to punish those that don’t follow the COVID-19 guidelines currently in place near campus.

Images of large gatherings of Alabama students congregating near campus, the majority of which chose not to wear a mask or practice social distancing, went viral over the weekend and led to Alabama AD Greg Byrne to issue his plea to those unwilling to follow the local guidelines.

“Who wants college sports this fall? Obviously not these people. We’ve got to do better than this for each other and our campus community. Please wear your masks,” Byrne tweeted out in response to one of the viral images.

If that won’t work, maybe the action taken by local authorities will.

According to Carol Robinson of, local police in Tuscaloosa made four arrests and issued 12 citations on Sunday night for violations of COVID guidelines in an attempt to control the issue upon students’ return to campus this weekend at Alabama.

Students are going to party, there’s no way around that, but at least Alabama is trying to show that carelessness will not be tolerated on or near their campus.