Last season, we were all treated to ESPN’s “Training Days: Rolling with the Tide” reality show that came out each week of training camp leading up to Alabama’s season opener against Louisville. This year, HBO will reportedly attempt to do something similar with the Tide, although this time, the footage will be taken from in-season action.

ESPN’s original idea for “Training Days: Rolling with the Tide” was to follow the team all season long but Nick Saban would not sign off on that deal. It’s unclear what would change Saban’s mind this year but is reporting that Alabama, Arizona State, Penn State and Washington State will all be featured by HBO this coming season in some form.

Here is what Devils Digest had to say recently say about the revelation:

HBO has chosen four college programs to run a Hard Knocks like show later in the season. ASU will be featured during the week of home game versus Washington State who was also chosen for the show along with Penn State and Alabama.

If this show is anything like “Hard Knocks” we are all in for some terrific insight into these four programs, as HBO teams up with NFL Films to deliver some of the best sports reality content out there. Should they capture something similar with this series, don’t be surprised if this catches on and becomes an annual show.