How realistic is the idea of moving college football to the spring?

We’ve already seen the Ivy League make that decision with junior college football expected to do the same in the coming days but those leagues are vastly different than major college football.

The key issue with any move to the spring centers around the health and safety of the players. Simply put, most believe it would be an impossible task to place on young players to gear up for two football seasons in a span of one calendar year.

While he didn’t say it was impossible, one of Alabama’s team doctors, Dr. Norman Waldrop, recently shared his concerns when it comes to the possibility of moving the college football season to the spring.

Once again, players’ health and safety was the main concern here, as well.

Coming from a source as reliable and knowledgable as Dr. Waldrop, his words should be weighed more than most when it comes to the subject of player safety.