The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is intense.

Sometimes, players will say things in the days leading up to the Iron Bowl that they don’t mean. Or, perhaps, are an exaggerated version of their opinion.

Former Alabama DB Cyrus Jones got caught up in the media whirlwind in the days leading into November’s 29-13 win for the Crimson Tide at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

The quote that made all of the headlines was a few simple words that followed what was a seemingly complimentary statement.’s Matt Zenitz caught the quote back in November:

The answer started out by the book.

Regarding Auburn’s wide receivers, Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones began by saying, “They’re pretty good players, you know, athletic, fast.”

Jones then threw in, “I don’t think they’re nothing special, honestly.”

Predictably, that became a statement that stirred the pot for an already testy rivalry.

But now that he’s won a national championship and is off to pursue a career in the NFL, Jones is ready to clear the air on that statement.

Auburn beat writer Brandon Marcello reports that Jones smoothed things over during a media session at the NFL Combine on Saturday:

“They’re good players, man,” he said. “That comment, I think, was taken a little out of context. It wasn’t meant to disrespect anybody or draw any negative attention, but they’re great players, you know? I mean, I’m fortunate we won the game.”