Nick Saban has had quite a run as head coach at Alabama, but all runs must eventually end.

Saban will likely stay with the Crimson Tide until he retires, but that time will come at some point. Who will replace Saban when that time does come?

Some fans have already called for Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney to replace Saban when the time comes. After all, Swinney played at Alabama in college and previously coached there. Plus, he is a phenomenal recruiter who has turned Clemson into a perennial power that knocked off Saban and the Tide to win the national championship last season.

Swinney was recently asked about replacing Saban at Alabama on the Herbstreit and Fitzsimmons podcast, and he did not say no when asked:

“I’m humbled by that and certainly appreciate that anybody would even think that way, that they would want me to be a candidate for a job like Alabama,” said Swinney. “I’ve always said ‘you never say never,’ because you have no idea what the dynamics are going to be. Ten years from now, Alabama may call me and want me to come to Alabama, and the Clemson people may hate me at that point. I don’t know.”

Swinney did make sure to emphasis that his focus is on the present and said that he loves being at Clemson:

“I’m always just focused on being great where I’m at and blooming where I’m planted,” explained Swinney. “All I know is, there’s nothing we can’t do here at Clemson. I don’t have to go somewhere else to win at the highest level, to recruit great players, to have great support — I really don’t. I’m just really fortunate…I love this place.”