College football coaches are often searching for ways to save energy and simplify decision-making processes.

For Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, he simply went back to what he’s familiar with in terms of uniforms. The issue came up this week because the Tigers plan to wear orange pants at Boston College.

But when Swinney took over as coach, he said there wasn’t a rhyme or reason why the Tigers wore certain combinations. He even called them “chameleons” as they mixed in purple with various combinations of orange and white.

But now, in part because of his history and time spent at Alabama, Swinney said simplifying decisions is best. That’s why Clemson now wears orange jerseys and white pants at home, all white on the road, except for Boston College, purple on military appreciation days, and orange pants for championship games.

“You talk about wasted energy every single week,” he said, according to Tiger Net. “Can we wear this? I was like, can we just worry about what matters in this? And that’s what I came from, I mean, there was no discussion about a uniform where I came from for 13 years. You just didn’t even talk about it. And so I wanted to just kind of create that consistency and that mindset. So, I sat down and looked at old pictures. And I said ‘this is what we should be and this is what we should do.’ And this is where we ended up, and I knew there was an orange britches tradition, something that was unique to Clemson and I didn’t want to lose that.”