Dan Mullen would like to be a fly on the wall in the Alabama offensive staff meetings. Mullen, an ESPN analyst well-known offensive coach in his own right, wonders if offensive coordinator Tommy Rees or Nick Saban is making the calls.

Mullen also reiterates that Alabama is still solid on defense, and can run the ball, and “they know how to win.”

“Let’s get this straight, Alabama’s still a really good football team,” Mullen said. “… I thought early in the year, they would be a 2-quarterback offense, and who is making all the decisions? I’m not saying that Nick’s not in charge of running the program. But having been in there, Nick’s going to come in there, Tommy Rees says, ‘This is the guy who’s best performing, I like this guy, this fit.’ Who made Decision 1 to go with Jalen Milroe to start the season, who made Decision 2 to make the switch, who made Decision 3 to switch back is really interesting.”

However, the big shock to Mullen is the offensive line.

“No matter who’s been at quarterback, they’ve gotten sacked,” Mullen said, which is a departure from recent seasons when the Alabama offensive line was dominant.