Dan Orlovsky got the Tuscaloosa crowd going Friday afternoon when he made an upset pick in the Texas-Alabama game.

Orlovsky heard the boos from a live audience of “The Pat McAfee Show” when he said, “I think Texas wins that game. (Jalen) Milroe scares me throwing the football. I keep hear people talking about Jalen Milroe like he’s a dual-threat quarterback. I see him way more as a runner right now than an accurate thrower.”

Orlovsky then offered some advice for Texas when he said the Longhorns should blitz the Alabama tailbacks, because they’re not good in pass protection. Though he believes the Alabama offensive line is “super talented,” he said, “I think those tackles you can get after a little bit.”

Orlovsky was then serenaded to a chorus of, “Dan you suck! Dan you suck!” from the pro-Alabama crowd, as many of the attendees in the audience held up “horns down” gestures.