With how dominant Georgia has been all season, some people may be writing off Alabama for Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

Others are saying not so fast.

Danny Kanell of CBS Sports has given Alabama fans 3 reasons to be optimistic about their team’s chances in Saturday’s game. And he listed them during an appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM on Friday.

Kanell believes the Crimson Tide have the advantage at head coach (Nick Saban), the advantage at quarterback (Bryce Young) and the best overall defensive player in the matchup (Will Anderson).

“I think it’s crazy talk to think this is a done deal for Georgia,” Kanell said. “And you have to consider, historically, what has unfolded in the last 5, 6 matchups between these 2 schools. The last time Alabama was an underdog was against Georgia, and what happened that game? Alabama won that one. What has happened the last several times when Georgia has had the advantage and been up at halftime? They’ve found a way to gag it in the 2nd half.”

Alabama and Georgia are set to kick off on Saturday in Atlanta at 4 p.m. ET on CBS.