Former Florida State QB Danny Kanell loves nothing more than getting SEC fans riled up, and he managed to do that on Sunday morning.

Though Kanell has Alabama at No. 1 in his new top-eight rankings, he didn’t let the Crimson Tide off without saying anything negative.

As you can see below, Kanell says the Crimson Tide have the worst resume in the top 10, while No. 2 Clemson has the best:

Penn State fans also won’t like what Kanell had to say about their team, as he seemingly doesn’t think the Nittany Lions will get past Ohio State next weekend.

Georgia checks in at No. 3, with a Week 2 victory over Notre Dame looking better with each passing week.

Yes, Alabama’s schedule doesn’t look as strong as it did heading into the season, as Florida State has fallen apart and the rest of the SEC has been awful.

However, seeing Wisconsin at No. 8 calls Kanell’s comments into question, as the Badgers haven’t played anyone yet this season.