Danny Kanell is one of the most vocal critics of the SEC. While the former Florida State QB and current analyst does at least consider Alabama the top team in the country, he’s down on everyone else in the conference.

On Sunday, he released his weekly top 8 rankings, and had the Crimson Tide at No. 1. However, strong teams like Georgia and LSU were nowhere to be found.

Here’s how Kanell has the top 8 shaking out following Week 10’s action:

After releasing those rankings, Kanell went on another one of his trademark anti-SEC rants, pointing out that LSU may have been overrated, as well as Kentucky and Florida:

But the icing on the cake may have been when he said that NC State (a team that has losses to Clemson and Syracuse in two of their last three games) would destroy Kentucky:

If the perceived “SEC bias” continues in the rankings, Kanell’s head may explode before the end of the season.