Danny Sheridan is a regular guest on “The Paul Finebaum Show” and is often asked to offer his odds and other gambling projections on a given college football game or season.

The analyst for USA Today made another appearance on Thursday and offered his perspective on Alabama coach Nick Saban’s future, and how the Crimson Tide may fare in the 2021 season.

Sheridan said the players to replace the likes of Najee Harris, Mac Jones and DeVonta Smith, a group he called the “reserves” are solid, but they are unproven, similar to what that group was a few years ago.

Ultimately, he can’t tell how good QB Bryce Young is because Sheridan said he can’t tell during mop-up duty. Sheridan said he was more comfortable with Jones coming into 2020 after the way the quarterback played in 2019 against the likes of Auburn and LSU.

“I don’t know that about Bryce Young,” he said. “Do I think Alabama will be in the final four, yes I do. Do I think Young has great potential, yeah, I do, but that doesn’t mean he does, I just don’t know the quarterback situation. And without a good quarterback, surrounded by a great team, they’re going to win nine, 10 games. With a good quarterback like Mac Jones, no one’s going to beat them, or maybe they might have one loss.”

Sheridan then shared his thoughts on Saban’s future as Finebaum noted that Saban will turn 70 this year. Sheridan recalled a year or two ago to put an over/under on Saban retiring, and he said he would at 80-years-old.

“To him, 69 is like 49, it’s not 69,” Sheridan said. “I think he’ll break (Joe) Paterno’s record. If I remember right, Paterno was 84 when he coached and I think it’s safe to say Paterno was in decent shape, but not shape like Nick Saban. Plus, I’ve been told Terry Saban keeps him straight. So put all that together, I would go over 80. I still believe he can go to 80.”