Alabama quarterback Bryce Young sustained an injury in the second quarter of last Saturday’s matchup against Arkansas and those issues could potentially carry over as the team prepares to take on the Texas A&M Aggies up next on the schedule.

David Pollack of ESPN referenced Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s comments from this week, saying that Young has been practicing this week and that he could play but that it will be a medical decision. It’s one that looks like it will come down to the wire on Saturday.

Young’s injury was described as a “pain tolerance” thing as he recovers from an AC joint issue in his throwing shoulder.

“It’s a significant thing… Bryce Young is not a big dude. He’s a slightly built guy. He doesn’t have a big frame. So now you think about taking hits the rest of the season on that shoulder, you know it’s going to come back to haunt him.”

Backup quarterback Jalen Milroe showed some promise in his last showing in Young’s relief, so there should be some faith in his ability if Young at least can’t play the full game. Who takes the snaps on Saturday will be something to keep an eye on as Young and Alabama face a tough upcoming decision.