Deion Sanders has had more reaction to Nick Saban’s comments earlier this week about how and which players are paid in college football.

Speaking to the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Sanders said Saban used he and Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher as “pawns in his plea for help from his boosters and his donors.” Earlier in the podcast, Sanders said he had to check Saban so the Alabama coach knows to not play with the Jackson State coach.

“He was really going at his people to up the ante so that he could out-do Coach Fisher,” Sanders said.

But Sanders also said it was a personal shot against him and his career.

“So that’s how you feel?” Sanders continued, via “So there’s no way that I could secure a Power 5-caliber player — and he said a D-I player, a D-I caliber player or something of that nature that he said. Like, he chose something less to participate in than what they could offer, and he chose less. Then I started thinking — 14 years in the NFL at a certain level don’t qualify me? So being in the Hall of Fame don’t qualify? So being a father of five — a real there father of five — don’t qualify me?

“So being an HBCU football coach and winning don’t qualify me? Just being a real person and there for my friends, family members, loved ones and whoever else don’t qualify me? I’ve coached in the NFL, the Under Armour All-American game for I think 14 years straight. Some of the best players in the nation, so that don’t qualify me? I’ve coached high school football for a plethora of years and won four straight state championships and that don’t qualify me?