Nick Saban let the college football world know that when he tears into an assistant on the sideline, it’s an “ass chewing.” Former Alabama DB Deionte Thompson had a different, but similar verb, to describe what it’s like to catch heat from Saban.

The new Arizona Cardinal recently shared his thoughts on how he thinks playing for Nick Saban helped prepare him for life in the pros.

“I can tell you he helped me one way by ripping my ass every day at practice,” Thompson said at a recent press conference, as transcribed by “making sure I was on top of stuff and making sure I was accountable on that field. If you weren’t accountable, you weren’t going to be out there. He’s a great coach, and he demands excellence. He wants you to do it until you can’t get it wrong.

“That was one of the things I had to learn. I had to learn to be a fundamental player, because coming from my high school I was kind of a freelance guy, just making plays all over the field, and now with the coach Saban coaching under my belt, I understand the position.”

Thompson is bringing his practice mindset with him from Tuscaloosa to the desert.

“I’m ready to compete,” Thompson said. “Playing at Alabama really helped me compete every day just because if you’re not on your job every day there, there’s a guy right behind you that can take your spot. It’s no different in the NFL. Your spot can get taken just like that, and I’m ready for that part of it.”