NFL owners will vote on a rule change that would allow players like Derrick Henry to sport single-digit jersey numbers. The former Alabama standout sounds interested in switching to a single-digit number (perhaps No. 2) but wants to see other changes to the uniform rules. On Friday, Henry asked for a team to put in a request for throwback jerseys and helmets.

Helmets came up last year. Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians mentioned the possibility of the Buccaneers’ creamsicle helmet making a return in 2021. Following Henry’s latest tweet, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio looked into a possible change to the one-helmet rule:

Per a league spokesperson, there has been no resolution yet regarding the possibility that teams could be permitted to allow players to use more than one helmet during the course of a given season. That would give teams the ability to incorporate throwback uniforms with helmets of a different color than the base color of the helmet a given team uses.

Sounds like we could see Henry sporting No. 2 in 2021 but an Oilers throwback helmet may require a longer wait.