Desmond Howard isn’t hitting the panic button on Alabama, but his finger is hovering over it based on what happens this weekend at Ole Miss.

The ESPN analyst joined “First Take” to discuss the Alabama-Ole Miss game and he attempted to offer some perspective on the Crimson Tide.

Howard points out that Alabama is one of the blue bloods that will always be a target for opponents.

“You’re looking at a team that when they play they’re getting the best out of their opponent. It took Tennessee’s A+ game,” Howard said. “Last week, Baton Rouge, LSU it took overtime and the best we’ve seen LSU look all season for them to win another close game against Alabama.”

Howard also cites the steadiness of coach Nick Saban as to why a complete Alabama collapse is unlikely. However, Howard ended his segment with a warning that if Alabama loses to Ole Miss that the swarm of critics will exponentially grow.

“I think that the knee-jerk reaction, Stephen A, is like a little too much for me. He didn’t wake up and forget how to coach. They have some issues at the receiver position. They have some issues at the back end of their defense and secondary,” Howard said. “…. Alabama is going to be OK. They’re going to be fine … I think it’s just a gross overreaction to 2 L’s. Now, Stephen A, if he loses to Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss, then all hell is going to break loose.”

No. 9 Alabama vs. No. 11 Ole Miss is slated for a 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff on Saturday and will be televised on CBS.