Desmond Howard thinks there is a “knee-jerk reaction” going on in sports media when it comes to the “end” of Nick Saban’s dynasty.

“I’ll give you a case and point. So LSU, they play in Death Valley at night time against Alabama. It takes over time for them to beat Alabama and then everyone is talking about ‘Brian Kelly is the perfect fit’,” Howard said on ESPN’s “Get Up” while breaking down how media tends to overact each week. “What happened a month ago when Tennessee rolled in there and ran them out of their own stadium?”


After that 40-13 loss there was a lot of talk on how Kelly was the wrong choice as the head coach. Howard went on to describe how fast and drastic people changed their opinion on Kelly based on those 2 games.

“I don’t think it’s the end of Nick Saban,” Howard said. “We’re talking about close close losses.”

In both losses, Alabama lost by a combined 4 points in its two road games against Tennessee and LSU.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how they respond,” Howard said. “Because of the disappointment of the LSU and how everyone is saying they’re out of the College Football Playoff.”