SEC Shorts is giving Alabama a day the Crimson Tide will remember for a long time, even though the Crimson Tide are all but eliminated from College Football Playoff contention.

“They were taking it pretty hard, and that’s when everyone decided to come together and create a Playoff experience that’s just for them,” the Playoff said. “So for one day, they get to hang out with the Playoff and live out those shattered dreams of going all the way in 2022.”

In the latest episode, the comedy group declared, “As LSU crossed the goal line with that game winning 2-point conversion, Alabama’s Playoff hopes to the final dagger to the heart as it essentially eliminated them from Playoff contention. But the football community comes together to give Alabama a pretend Playoff experience where for one day, they get to “win” the championship.”

It includes a “mock media day” where Alabama hears “softball questions from actors posing as reporters.”

The best part may be no matter “how bad the game plan was, he gets to hoist up that championship trophy and feel like he’s on top of the world.”