DeVonta Smith had a rough start to his first NFL preseason game.

The Philadelphia Eagles were taking on the New England Patriots Thursday night, and Joe Flacco started at quarterback for the Eagles. Jalen Hurts was out due to an unspecified illness.

Flacco targeted Smith on 3 separate occasions early in the game, and despite getting his hands on all 3 passes, Smith couldn’t hold on to any of them. Finally, in the second quarter, Smith caught his first NFL pass on an in route.

Smith’s reception wasn’t quite a first down, but it was close.

The first pass Smith dropped was earlier in the game. It wouldn’t have been a first down, but Smith flat-out dropped the contested play.

Smith’s second drop came on a perfectly thrown back shoulder throw from Flacco. Smith, however, couldn’t get his body turned fast enough to make the catch.

Smith’s third drop of the night came on a crossing route.