Players like DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle don’t dominate college football and ultimately reach the game’s highest level without possessing an incredible competitive streak.

While that may be true on the field and in the weight room, that competition does not extend to the NFL Draft, according to the newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Immediately after hearing his name called in the 2021 NFL Draft, Smith was asked by reporters to share his thoughts on being drafted after Waddle during the league’s selection process.

“I’m happy for him. That’s my brother,” Smith answered. “It almost brought me to tears just hearing his name called. Just everything that he’s been through, the commitment he had day in and day out, when he got injured to come back. I mean, seeing him get picked in front of me, I was happy as hell.

“It’s just exciting to see somebody go through that and get picked at number six, it was definitely a blessing and I’m happy for him.”

Smith was then asked if he wanted to be drafted in front of Waddle.

“It didn’t matter to me,” he answered. “It’s a blessing for both of us to be in this situation.”

They may be rivals on the field moving forward in the NFL but the bond that was created during their time at Alabama will never be broken based on these comments.