NFL fans will be monitoring the Rams/Dolphins game on Nov. 1 at Hard Rock Stadium, as it will be the first start at quarterback for former Alabama star Tua Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa completed both of his passes as he relieved veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick toward the end of the Dolphins’ blowout win over the Jets. And now the job is his, starting with a home game against L.A.

While some are on board with the decision, others aren’t. That was certainly the case at ESPN analysts Dan Orlovsky and Marcus Spears discussed the topic on the network’s “NFL Live” on Tuesday.

“I was surprised when I first heard it, like I’m sure everybody else was, but I’m excited,” said Spears, according to 247Sports. “I wanted to see Tua the first week of the season when it started … but I think this was the Dolphins plan to get him in at this point, at this juncture, no matter how it was going.”

Orlovsky disagreed with the former LSU standout.

“There’s nothing that anyone can tell me that the Dolphins learned about Tua’s ability to get the ball out of his hands fast enough in an NFL game by watching practice,” he said. “And I understand there’s a plan, I can appreciate the plan, but one, it was the wrong plan if the plan was to play him in the middle of October. And two, sometimes plans change, and the success of this team and that Fitzpatrick is playing well should change those plans.”

The former NFL veteran brought up Miami’s young defensive line as a reason why the Dolphins shouldn’t have made the move.

“Tua’s a lefty right? The backside protectors for Tua as a left-handed quarterback […] (former Georgia offensive lineman) Solomon Kindley and Robert Hunt are both rookies. This is not the time for Miami to make this choice.”

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough whether it was the right or wrong call for Tagovailoa to get the call.