When there’s an elite college football program, the same question invariably pops up every year: Can this team beat the worst NFL franchise?

Speaking about this topic, ESPN pundit Paul Finebaum divulged some rather fascinating comments Monday during SportsCenter.

As he told former LSU DL Marcus Spears, “How could you call [Alabama] a semi-pro team? They could beat the Cleveland Browns right now, which a lot of schools could.”

This does seem a bit farfetched for a number of reasons. While the Browns are utterly putrid, they’re still a professional team.

Not only that, but they’re also a unit chock-full of full-grown men — whereas the Alabama team has yet to reach their collective physical peak.

It is still a fun topic to bandy about. At the very least, the Browns surely could use the services of linebacker Reuben Foster and offensive lineman Cam Robinson.