For Alabama fans, mentioning the name Mekhi Brown likely conjures up a couple memorable moments from January’s College Football Playoff championship game.

Brown is probably best remembered for his on-field swing at a Georgia player which was followed by him getting chewed out on the sidelines by Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. He also appeared to attempt to fight another member of the UA staff moments later. Brown would later make a key tackle on a kickoff return, but most fans probably remember him for the swing and sideline incident.

Interestingly enough, the incident does not appear to have played a part in his decision to transfer to Tennessee State.  Speaking to Chimin’ In, Brown revealed he had decided early in the season that he would complete his college football career elsewhere.

“For the most part, nobody really knew I was leaving. I decided after the Florida State game [in Week 1] that I’m not fixing to be here my next two years,” Brown told the show.

Brown, who was rated the No. 116 overall prospect for the class of 2015 by the 247Sports Composite, sees the chance to be a big fish in the small pond that is the Ohio Valley Conference.

“So, pretty much I chose Tennessee State because the OVC – you get a lot of exposure,” Brown said. “Usually when guys transfer they want to play right away, they go to Tennessee State or Jacksonville State or JuCo. I feel like it’s a good move for me. I’m going to learn the same kind of things I did at (Alabama).”

For more from Brown, including his thoughts on playing for Saban, the full interview can be viewed here.