Former Alabama punter JK Scott was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2018 NFL Draft and immediately won the starting job.

In 16 games, he had 67 punts, pinning the opponent inside the 20-yard line 19 times and booting nine touchbacks. He averaged 44.7 yards per punt.

However, he’s eager to be even better in Year 2, and he recently spoke to the Packers’ team website, detailing his plans to improve:

“There’s things I did well and things I need to improve on, particularly managing myself through the season and remaining consistent and not letting myself get fatigued,” Scott said. “Just kind of remain in a consistent place. That’s one thing I want to learn and get better in the offseason.

“Certain situations … going in, inside the 20, directionally, there’s things I can be more consistent at, more efficient at, which would help. As far as the overall sustainability through the season, I really need to work hard to get my work capacity up, to get my load capacity up for the season, so my body is going to be feeling good through the season.”

Obviously, no one wants to see the punter on the field too much, so Scott will hope he’s utilized less often in 2019. However, when he does get on the field, he wants to be more efficient.

Based on the improvement we saw over his years at Alabama, we’ll likely see him continue to get better for the Packers in 2019.