Mark Ingram II has played a lot of quality football in his life. He won the Heisman Trophy at Alabama and was one of the NFL’s top rushers early in his professional career.

Monday night, Ingram made a huge mistake late in the game against the Tampa Bay Bucs. The New Orleans Saints RB, on 2nd and 8, caught a pass in the flat and had an easy lane for the first down within Bucs territory. New Orleans was up 13 with 6 minutes to play – convert that first down and the game is essentially over or close to it.

 Instead, New Orleans had to give the ball back to Tom Brady. He drove the field once, then twice to win, 17-16.

Ingram took to social media to apologize for running out of bounds, obviously upset in believing he let his team down.

It’s always hard in football to blame one single play for a loss, and this time it’s no different. Sure, Ingram wasn’t able to convert, but the Saints still should have been able to pick up the ensuing 3rd and 1 regardless. The defense also can’t blame Ingram for giving up 13 points in just over 5 minutes to lose the game.