When the Baltimore Ravens take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, an impressive 4 Heisman Trophy winners will be playing — RB Mark Ingram, QB Lamar Jackson, QB Robert Griffin III and QB Kyler Murray.

Mark Ingram was the first Heisman winner in that group so he’s gotten a chance to vote for all the other guys. However, during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday, Ingram basically said he didn’t vote Murray No. 1 last year.

As you can see below, Ingram said that, as a former Crimson Tide player, he voted for Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa first:

“He was on my ballot,” Ingram said. “But you know I’m Bama, so you just read that how you want to. You read into that how you want to, but he definitely deserved it and he was on my ballot. But you know we have a special Bama quarterback over there that played probably half the season. You know he was out for the second half the majority of eight games last year, so I think we got a special quarterback in Tuscaloosa.”

Based on the start that Alabama and Tagovailoa have had this year, Ingram may get another chance to vote for Tagovailoa for Heisman this season.