The Alliance of American Football flamed out in spectacular fashion after only a few weeks of existence, leaving players wondering what’s next for their careers.

That includes former Alabama star RB Trent Richardson, who was playing very well for the Birmingham Iron when the league suddenly folded.

Richardson is keeping a positive attitude about the dissolution of the AAF, though, telling that he feels bad for those who lost jobs, but he’s happy with the big plays he got to put on film:

“(At least) I got good film. I hate it for the guys who didn’t get good film,” Richardson of his AAF experience on Tuesday night at the Pensacola Bama Club Scholarship Kickoff event at Pensacola State College. “I hate it for some of the coaches that lost their job. But that’s something you have to prepare for. That’s some of the things I’ve learned talking to (Alabama great) Bobby Humphrey about life without football.”

So, what’s next for the talented running back who showed flashes of brilliance in his brief AAF stint?

“I’ve gotten a few phone calls, but you never know about the NFL,” Richardson said. “Hopefully I put enough out there to show I can still move and play. I’m doing this for myself and my kids.

“A lot of people have been calling me. The XFL has been calling me. The NFL has been calling me…. The opportunity is there and if the NFL doesn’t come through, then definitely (I’d pursue XFL).”

It’ll be interesting to see if Richardson ends up in an NFL training camp this summer. If not, it’s probably a safe bet that we’ll see him in the XFL next winter.