A former Alabama wide receiver had some harsh words to say about the Tide’s offense.

Mike McCoy, who played at Alabama from 2006 to 2009, called the Tide’s offense “boring” and compared it to “watching cold paint dry” said on “Head to Head, per AL.com.

“I’m still not sold,” McCoy said. “I think we’re running elementary offense. I think it’s kinda like A&M. It’s basic…It’s a spread offense now…Let’s run some combo routes. Can we see some double moves? Can I see you take the top off? I mean, goodness. It’s like watching cold paint dry.

“There’s no creative, from what I’m seeing. And I feel you have the kind of caliber of players on the outside and in the backfield that can get it done. There’s no reason why Alabama should not have at least 400 average yards per game, total offense.”

The comments come after Alabama posted 63 points on UL Monroe on Saturday. McCoy said Alabama hasn’t shown a lot of “flashiness” on offense and said the play-calling is “kind of basic.”

McCoy proceeded to say he wasn’t sold on Alabama’s team yet this season and compared the Tide to Texas A&M. He said Alabama has capable players and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be averaging 400+ yards of total offense.

The powerful words come from the former Alabama receiver who amassed just 547 yards and 3 touchdowns during his career.

Alabama will look to have an offense performance that is more appealing to McCoy on Saturday against Vanderbilt.

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