According to a former official the University of Alabama was right to be upset about the ruling of a simultaneous catch during its 55-44 victory over Auburn on Saturday night.

Specially, with just under 5 minutes remaining in the third quarter, and Auburn leading 33-27, quarterback Nick Marshall threw a third-down pass to Quan Bray, who was being defended by cornerback Bradley Sylve along the Tigers’ sideline.

After a lengthy review, the play was ruled a simultaneous catch, and first down for the Tigers.

However, Mike Pereira, the former Vice President of Officiating in the National Football League and current rules analyst at FOX Sports, claims the call was clearly incorrect.

“Let’s look at the NCAA Rule Book, Part 2, under “interpretations” for the answer. Under the Completed Pass, Article 6, rule 7-3-6, section 2: Two opposing players receive a legal forward pass while both are off the ground, and one payer returns to the ground inbounds before the other. Ruling: No simultaneous catch. The legal forward pass is completed or intercepted by the player who first returned to the ground.”

That player was Sylve, who had his left foot hit the ground before Bray’s did. It should have been ruled an interception.